We are pleased to introduce our special services section. Special services have been created to give smarter options and better opportunities to the artists and the bands in order to professionally present their work to the music market.

Choose now from our extended list as many services as you’d like and create your own package.

If your desirable music service is not on our list please let us know and we’ll be happy to develop with you new ways in achieving your professional aspirations.

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Marketing & Promotional Services:

Build your website: A website is the stronger form of your online presence and it is essential for your music career in many ways. We have 2 options to choose from. On the silver option you have a website with your own domain name and all the information an artist needs to promote his/her music. On the golden option you have a website with a unique template, that no one else has, it is fully customizable and interactive according to your needs. The choice is yours.

Online Presence: There are plenty of marketing and promotional tools through the Internet to use in your advantage. From social media to blogs, podcasts and video channels, we are here to help you choose the best for you.

Advertising: For decades it has been the most important tool for making a brand popular and the music industry is no exception to that. Choose from local or international press, radio, TV commercials, banners, flyers and more.

Professional Photography: Fans adore artists’ photos and our partners know how to make a portrait unforgettable. Use them for your interviews or include them in your album.

Music Video: Our experienced team of directors can create for you and your band a unique music video to promote your career efficiently via YouTube and other available channels. We custom build the scenario based on your song lyrics and we help you to showcase the ideal look for your music video performance.

Artwork: Our company works with the best graphic designers to deliver to you an exceptional piece of art based on your needs. From logos to album covers and from album jackets to posters for your gigs, we have everything you need and maybe more.

Legal Services:

Copyright Protection: Protect your lyrics and music from theft and get your royalties from the organization you are registered with.

Artist/Band Name Protection: Protect your name in the music market and avoid any unpleasant lawsuits in the future.

Contract Negotiation: Great! You managed to land a record deal or any deal within the music industry! Not sure what to do next? We are here to help you understand what is best for you and what works, what to avoid and how to get a deal in your favor.

Distribution Services:

Digital Distribution: Place your music along with all the great artists for your chance to gain some recognition and be in the spotlight. This service includes iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Spotify and more.

Physical Distribution: Coming Soon

Personal Assistance Services:

Advisory service: This service is suitable for the “starters” in the music industry. It explains how the industry works and which are the steps that you have to take in order to build a solid fanbase, get involved with social media, and land yourself a gig.

Consulting Service: You are playing music for quite a long time but you don’t have the time to control all these weird things that the industry asks from you. Don’t panic! We will create a career plan for you and will guide you through the process with promotional tools and legal advices.

Artist Development & coaching service: If you are already a professional musician and you want to go further with your career then this is the right service for you. You will get full support based on your needs in the industry and you will get a manager too. From image making to copyright protection, this service covers everything from A-Z and even more.

How to generate an income in music industry: There is a misunderstanding in the circle of musicians, that generating income from their music is almost impossible. It is agreed that it is difficult to stand up in today’s fully crowded music environment. It takes some efforts and it takes some time, but it is absolutely possible and we can help you get there.

Pitch to a Record Label:

Pitching to a record label locally or internationally is a long and difficult process especially for an artist. Not to mention that the majority of record labels worldwide do not accept unsolicited demos from anyone (unfortunately you are not an exception). Do not take this personally; this is how the music industry works. So what we can do for you is to advise you whether or not it is the time for you to pitch to a record label and if you are ready we will do our best to contact them and get you a deal.

Find a Producer:

You were working hard for a long time to write and record your songs and now you need the final touch in your work to separate you from the crowd? Depending on your music genre there are many exceptional producers globally that will skyrocket your work if you let them. We can find them and contact them for you and you can decide which is the one for you.

Merchandising Services:

Coming Soon.

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